• Finding Relevant Information From Social Data Is Hard.

  • We Make It Easy.

  • Our Tools Let You Extract What Matters To You.

  • Simple. Fast. Delivered To Your Desktop, Phone or Email.

  • No Data Scientist or Developer Required.

Get Social Data That Makes Sense In Your World.

Simple. Powerful. Fast.

Go beyond simply tracking brands to creating complex monitoring solutions. Use our tools for filtering and viewing a mixture of social media data. Use one of our specific industry solutions to accelerate sales, track investment and stock trends, or zero in on social media patterns specific to your business.

Save Time

By automating the mining of social media data, we free up your time. Traditional monitoring tools require you to hunt and peck for information. Our goal is to aggregate the information you need into one spot and let you use filters and alerts configured to your business objective. The new result is strategic insights delivered automatically.

Alerts & Monitoring

Our tools reach out to you only when it is appropriate. We use a rule-based approach that you configure to your specific needs. The tools work behind the scenes 24/7. As alerts are triggered, you'll be notified via text or email. You can monitor real time streams of your data anytime from your computer or mobile device.

Your Rules

We provide you a framework for working with a variety of data publishers (e.g. social media publishers, news and stocks). Use our simple rule builder to tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll build it and deliver your results.
Your rules are continually tested against data publishers in near real time. If a rule or set of rules is matched, we alert you!

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